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How can your bank help you through the COVID-19 Health Crisis?

With the recent COVID-19 Health Crisis affecting many individuals and businesses, the banks have announced some ways in which they can assist you during this time.

Please contact your broker or bank to discuss potential options for you if you are affected financially by the current crisis.

If you want to discuss options for your current loans, feel free to contact us to see what options are available.

Keep in mind, interest rates are at an all time low.

1: Business customers experiencing financial difficulty may be able to defer their payments on a range of business loans for up to six months.

2: Defer business credit card repayments.

3: Home loan customers experiencing financial challenges will also be able to pause their repayments for up to six months, including a three-month checkpoint.

4: Reductions of up to 60bps to fixed rate home loans to give customers the option of added certainty. This is resulting in fixed interest rates as low as 2.19% for an owner occupied loan on Principle & Interest Repayments.

Please visit the below links and articles for further information or contact your bank.

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